The Man Behind ‘I Am A Man,’ a VR Experience That Chronicles the Fight for Civil Rights

Image credit: “I Am A Man” VR Experience, created and directed by Derek Ham in partnership with Oculus At SIGGRAPH 2018, Derek Ham shared his VR project “I Am A Man” in the Immersive Pavilion’s Vrcade. This captivating experience immerses users in the middle … Continued

VR Theater: Celebrating The Evolution of a New Medium

photo by Jim Hagarty In 2017, Pol Jeremias, the founder of SIGGRAPH’s VR Theater, had a bold vision. A new way to tell stories was emerging from small teams of pioneering visionaries, similar to what was happening in computer graphics … Continued

SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 17 – Independent Storytelling & Innovation

In an all-new episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, SIGGRAPH 2018 Production Sessions Chair Emily Hsu (associate producer, Blizzard Entertainment) sits down with a panel of independent creators in production and animation to chat about what led them to go “independent.” The … Continued