Our Top 10 Most-read Blogs of 2021

by | 30 December 2021 | ACM SIGGRAPH, Conferences, Industry Leaders

image courtesy Nvidia via Jon Peddie Research

A new year is on the horizon and, with that, so many possibilities. As you prepare for new opportunities and get to work on your most cutting-edge ideas, enjoy this reflection on the stories from our community that most grabbed readers’ attention on the blog in 2021. If you’ve resolved to read more in 2022, you can start right here.

  1. Mesh Shaders Release the Intrinsic Power of a GPU | Read Story
  2. A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Heart and ‘Soul’ of Pixar’s Latest Feature | Read Story
  3. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 30 – Tim Sweeney and the Metaverse | Read Story
  4. How ChoreoMaster Combines Cutting-edge AI and Graphics Technologies | Read Story
  5. 5 Questions with Baobab Studios on ‘Crow: The Legend’ | Read Story
  6. Get to Know the SIGGRAPH 2022 Committee | Read Story
  7. 6 Interactive Art Exhibits in Washington, D.C. | Read Story
  8. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 40 – Virtual Production | Read Story
  9. AI Avatars, Virtual Assistants, and Deepfakes: A Real-Time Look | Read Story
  10. Why Cinematic Scientific Visualization Is More Important Than Ever | Read Story

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