Top 10 SIGGRAPH Stories of 2019

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“Il Divino: Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling in VR” © 2019 Chris Evans

Welcome back, old friends!

As we open our arms to 2020 and all that comes with it — including the upcoming Washington, D.C. and Daegu, South Korea conferences — our editors thought we’d first reflect on a banner year of stories from our community by sharing a roundup of 2019’s “most read” news from the ACM SIGGRAPH Blog. Resolve to read more this year … starting here.

1. Complementary Conferences: SC19 and SIGGRAPH 2019 | Read Story

2. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 30 – Tim Sweeney and the Metaverse | Read Story

3. One Night Only: Don’t Miss the SIGGRAPH 2019 Computer Animation Festival Electronic Theater | Read Story

4. An ‘Irresistible’ Way to Make Films: Using Real-Time Technology for ‘Book of the Dead’ | Read Story

5. SIGGRAPH Now: ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ | Read Story

6. SIGGRAPH 2019 Exclusive: Experience the Sistine Chapel in VR | Read Story

7. Benchmarking Ray Tracing | Read Story

8. How to Use Deep Learning in Character Posing | Read Story

9. Immersive Art Around the World | Read Story

10. Physics Forests: Using Machine Learning for Real-time Fluid Simulation | Read Story

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