Our Top 10 Most-read Blogs of 2023

by | 28 December 2023 | Conferences

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2024 is almost here! The new year has a lot in store for SIGGRAPH as we prepare to return to the conference’s roots in Colorado, 28 July–1 August. As you set your goals and make your plans for the year ahead, reflect on the top stories from 2023 that captured our readers’ attention.

  1. Everything You Need to Know About SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference Chair Andres Burbano | Read Story
  2. SIGGRAPH 2023 Technical Papers Awards: Best Papers, Honorable Mentions, and Test-of-Time | Read Story
  3. The City of Angels Meets a World of Tech: Make the Most of Los Angeles! | Read Story
  4. Flax Into the Beyond With ‘Reinventing the Spindle’ | Read Story
  5. Data In the Clouds: Finding Globally Consistent Normal Orientations | Read Story
  6. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 65 – Tracing the Future: Exploring the Revolutionary Technology of Ray Tracing | Listen to the Episode
  7. Starting From Scratch: Peter Canning’s Career to Date | Read Story
  8. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 58 – Bold Predictions for the Future of CG and Special SIGGRAPH Memories | Listen to the Episode
  9. SIGGRAPH 2022 Technical Papers Awards: Best Papers and Honorable Mentions | Read Story
  10. Longevity, Agility, and Innovation: SIGGRAPH Celebrates the Year of the Rabbit | Read Story

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