Everything You Need to Know About SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference Chair Andres Burbano

by | 31 January 2022 | Conferences, Industry Leaders

Photo of  Andres Burbano by Gabriel Zea

Editor’s Note, March 2023: Congratulations to SIGGRAPH 2024 Conference Chair Andres Burbano, whose latest publication “Different Engines: Media Technologies From Latin America” recently published and will be available for pre-order beginning 10 March. “Different Engines,” Burbano’s first book in English, investigates the emergence of technologies in Latin America to create images, sounds, video games, and physical interactions. Learn more about “Different Engines” here, and start your countdown to SIGGRAPH 2024, taking place 28 July-1 August 2024 in Denver, Colorado.

Extra, extra, read all about it!

It was announced today that Andres Burbano has been selected as chair of the 51st annual SIGGRAPH conference by leadership within ACM SIGGRAPH. Burbano is a native of Pasto, Colombia and an associate professor in Universidad de los Andes’s School of Architecture and Design. We’ve rounded up some career — and SIGGRAPH! — highlights to help you get to know the latest conference leader better.

On the Pod…

Over the years, Andres has made quite an impact on the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast, hosting not one but three different episodes. Catch his most recent appearance below, or dig back even deeper to listen in on Episode 10 or Episode 33.

From the Blog…

Andres has been instrumental in building some incredible SIGGRAPH programs over the years, include the 2018 Art Gallery, 2020 Art Papers, and 2021 Retrospective (its debut year). Check out some show-stopping moments from each program via the blogs below.

In the Industry…

A renowned artist and professor, Andres has been featured in publications like WIRED, Leonardo, and Artnodes, and has even been nominated for the Medien Kust Prize. Dive into Andres’ art through the books below!

  • Critical Zones: The Science and Politics of Landing on Earth (MIT Press) – featured on The New York Times’ “Best Art Books of 2020”
  • Different Engines: Media Technologies from Latin America (Routledge, coming 2022)

Via Video…

Just last year, Andres served as the first-ever Retrospective program chair. Catch him moderating one of the sessions, which honors the revered Silicon Graphics team, below.

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