As we conclude SIGGRAPH Over Coffee, our monthly Instagram Live series that spotlights SIGGRAPH conference volunteers and invited innovators in CG, we are thrilled to share our final roundup filled with recorded sessions from April, May, June, and July. These sessions took place “over coffee” and provided expertise around stimulating topics that will surely get you excited for SIGGRAPH 2022, taking place live next week. While you are waiting to board your plane or have time in between the virtual sessions, watch the recordings below.

With Rae Jillian Rivera

The magic was in the air for April’s SIGGRAPH Over Coffee! SIGGRAPH 2022 Labs Chair Kristy Pron sat down with special guest Rae Jillian Rivera, Software Developer at Walt Disney Imagineering, to discuss their careers, computer graphics, and, of course, Labs! The Labs program was introduced for SIGGRAPH 2020, and this is the first year participants will get hands-on with the projects live in Vancouver. Check out the Labs Demo schedule so you don’t miss a moment of interactive excellence at SIGGRAPH 2022.

With Refik Anadol

AI has hit the art world! Watch May’s SIGGRAPH Over Coffee for a chance to see SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery Chair Daria Tsoupikova sit down with media artist & director at RAS, Refik Anadol. Prepare to be wowed when you watch below.

With Callie Holderman

What a fascinating discussion! If you didn’t get to join SIGGRAPH 2022 General Submissions Chair Chris Redmann for his chat with SIGGRAPH 2021 Immersive Pavilion Chair and Snap Inc. Sr. Manager AR Developer Experience Callie Holderman, then check it out today. You’ll hear all about what’s to come at this year’s live conference in Vancouver.

With Dawn Yamazi and Deb Stone

What a great way to end our amazing Instagram Live series! SIGGRAPH Over Coffee concluded in July with our final host, SIGGRAPH 2022 Community Engagement Chair Courtney Starrett. Watch as she sits down with Dawn Yamazi, SVP WW Talent, and Deb Stone, director, Talent Recruitment, to learn about how they met, get a preview of their upcoming book, and hear about their involvement with SIGGRAPH.

Want even more SIGGRAPH Over Coffee to prepare you for SIGGRAPH 2022? Check out our Part 1 and Part 2 recaps to watch our incredible guests share their exciting stories live. Make sure to register for SIGGRAPH 2022 to meet our SIGGRAPH 2022 Conference Committee in person!

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