SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 55 – Holography and Light Field Lab

by | 17 May 2022 | Augmented Reality, Conferences, Industry Leaders, Interactive Techniques, Virtual Reality

From left to right: Jon Karafin and Derek Ham

Looking for a deep dive on display tech? Tune in to the latest episode of the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast as SIGGRAPH 2022 Immersive Pavilion Chair Derek Ham (North Carolina State University) sits down with Light Field Lab CEO Jon Karafin to discuss the technology his company is developing, SolidLight, and how it fits into the greater display tech landscape, as well as how it differs from traditional notions of holography.

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About Our Guest

Jon Karafin has dedicated his career to innovation in live-action cinema, VFX post-production, and light field technology, transforming bleeding-edge concepts into market ready solutions. As CEO of Light Field Lab, a breakthrough technology startup, Karafin applies his expertise to designing the world’s most advanced, scalable holographic systems. Karafin has an extensive background in light field and visual effects technology, having previously held executive roles at Lytro, RealD, and Digital Domain. During his tenure, he was responsible for ushering in a new era of cinematic capture through the launch of Lytro Cinema, as well as delivering technology and content for many of the highest-grossing feature films, including Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit”, Michael Bay’s “Transformers 3”, and Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland”. Karafin holds multiple graduate degrees from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), and BFAs in multiple fields from Ithaca College.

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