All Roads Lead to SIGGRAPH 2024

by | 19 December 2023 | Art, Conferences, Education, Emerging Technologies, Interactive Techniques, Research

SIGGRAPH 2024 is kicking into high gear, and we are excited to see what the future of unlimited possibilities holds. As we prepare to head down the road to Denver, let’s take a moment to look back on some of our favorite General Submissions-related blogs from this year to inspire your 2024 innovations. Explore the best of Courses, Educator’s Forum, Emerging Technologies, Immersive Pavilion, Labs, Panels, and Talks below.

Exploring New Imaging Modalities With Computational Interferometric Imaging

Journey to the future of technology and research with the SIGGRAPH 2023 Course “Computational Interferometric Imaging.” Take a look at how creators Alankar Kotwal, Florian Willomitzer, and Ioannis Gkioulekas found inspiration for their course, the fundamental principles of interferometric imaging, practical exercises that solidify understanding, and the real-world impact of this captivating domain. Read now.

Light as a Feather: An Altered Human Somatic Experience

It’s time to broaden the conversation around accessibility in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The creator behind the SIGGRAPH 2023 Emerging Technologies selection “SomatoShift: A Wearable Haptic Display for Somatomotor Reconfiguration via Modifying Acceleration of Body Movement,” Takeru Hashimoto, gives us a closer look into the potential applications of assistive technology, challenges faced during its creation, and what’s next for “SomatoShift.” Read now.

The Extraordinary Is Ordinary in This VR Wonderland

Don’t fall down the rabbit hole when exploring this immersive experience. Learn more about the inspiration behind the SIGGRAPH 2023 Immersive Pavilion selection “Alice in Gravityland: Augmenting Gravity Experiences With Around-the-head Vibrotactile Feedback and Illusory Tactile Motion,” and discover their shared enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries of cutting-edge VR. Read now.

Generative Art and Plotters Create Opportunities for Artists

Do you have a passion for art? Take a look at the SIGGRAPH 2023 Labs selection “The Algorithmic Art Studio” to discover what inspired contributor James Merrill to have users tap into their creativity while interacting with his project. Read how this generative technology can its users’ creativity, how he developed the concept, and more about the interactive MIDI-based UI used in “The Algorithmic Art Studio.” Read now.

Behind the Scenes: The Birth and Demise of the Arête in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Go behind the scenes of the creation and destruction of the Arête, the towering skyscraper on Counter-Earth from “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.” SIGGRAPH sat down with Jason Galeon from the team behind this SIGGRAPH 2023 Talks presentation to hear more about the process of bringing the Arête to life and the challenges they overcame during its development. Read now.

Feeling inspired? Create a lasting impact by submitting your next innovation to SIGGRAPH 2024 today to join us on the big stage in Denver.

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