Find Your 2022 Technology Resolution

by | 4 January 2022 | Conferences, Graphics, Interactive Techniques

Image Credit: Jim Hagarty © 2019 ACM SIGGRAPH

Happy New Year! We asked the SIGGRAPH 2022 Committee how they are resolving to take on 2022 when it comes to technology. After a long 2021, 2022 brings increased excitement, imagination, and promise. Read on to hear some resolutions the committee shared that might spark one of your own, plus their top tips on navigating this new year of technologic possibility.

Emphasize Your Privacy

Going in to 2022, this resolution revolves around the idea of privacy. In an era of privacy leaks amid technological innovation — and constant change — it’s more important than ever to make this a priority. Make sure to update your passwords frequently, review and update your privacy settings across all of your online profiles, and change profile information where needed. The constant evolution of websites is exciting, but it also requires constant management. Not only is it important to maintain strong habits when it comes to protecting your personal privacy, but the committee takes this resolution one step further by also vowing to stay up-to-date on the latest technology policy. Read privacy policies and become familiar with how major platforms are protecting use of their technologies. For anyone also putting an emphasis on privacy in 2022, implementing these practices should ensure that your information is kept safe online.

Prioritize Your Physical Health

When you work in a dedicated — and hectic — field like we do, basic human needs can sometimes fall under the radar. Skip lunch? There’s always tomorrow. Missed your workout class? You’ll go next time. However, these slip-ups hurt you more in the long run than taking a moment out of your busy day. Plus, it’s important to everyone’s relationship with technology to know when to turn away from it. This year, the committee recommends finding a good balance and prioritizing physical and mental health more than you might have before. To help you take this step, start by focusing on smaller aspects of physical health. For example, begin by tracking your sleep. Making sure you get at least six hours each night can drastically change your well-being and is a small, everyday change. Another idea is to start wearing a heart rate monitor, which can help you acknowledge and reduce stress as well as make sure you are working out at a healthy level. The most basic change you can make? Go on a walk each day! Health is so important. Most of us have access to technologies to help us keep track, we just have to commit to it.

Audit the Technology in Your Life

Many people swear off certain technologies in the new year; however, in a field where technology is our medium, we can’t recommend reducing your technological footprint completely. As an alternative, start by auditing the technology in your life. When reviewing each technology you use, ask yourself: How is this technology enhancing my life? If it isn’t bringing you joy, consider removing it from your daily usage. For this resolution, you don’t necessarily need to reduce your technology in 2022, but rather to curate it into only those technologies that are serving you.

No matter what your technology resolutions may be this year, we hope you take these tips for 2022 into consideration. Computer graphics and interactive techniques allows us to access incredible innovations and get lost in worlds of wonder and possibility. But, every once in a while, we all would do well to pause and consider our consumption of the resulting technology. We look forward to the innovations to come.

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