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At SIGGRAPH 2019, our community of innovators and thought leaders thrived among the latest developments in computer graphics and immersive technologies in Los Angeles. Read all about the educational opportunities and hands-on experiences that made SIGGRAPH 2019 shine.

Pixar’s ‘Purl,’ Inspired by Being a Woman in Animation, Brings Contemporary Message to SIGGRAPH
The Hollywood Reporter

SIGGRAPH 2019: Having Experienced Ray Tracing, I Am Now Convinced It Is The Future

What It’s Like to Work on 20+ Marvel Movies

The latest thing in VR? A face mask that makes it feel like you’re underwater
Fast Company

SIGGRAPH 2019 offers a sneak peek into what’s next for AR, VR, and CG
Venture Beat

Adobe Showing Transparent Retail Display Hardware Concept At SIGGRAPH; And We’re Not Sure Why

Photogrammetry Capture Brings Michelangelo’s Sistine Ceiling To Life In VR

SIGGRAPH Winner ‘Stained Club’ Debuts Online
Animation Magazine

Watch: Disney’s new anti-vibration tech maps CGI movements onto actual robots

SIGGRAPH 2019: VR Headsets And Motion Capture Become Commodities

Forget touchscreens: This case controls a smartphone with buttons and dials

SIGGRAPH 2019 summary of all technical papers

WATCH: SIGGRAPH 2019 Interview with NASA Animator Eleni Kostis
Animation World Network

Marvel’s Victoria Alonso Talks SIGGRAPH, Diversity
SHOOT Online

Projecting immersive and interactive imagery onto the underside of a dome, in real-time. Easy, right?
befores & afters

With GauGAN, AI Painting Will Never Be the Same
Electronic Design

Field of view: Facebook’s mind-controlling AR smartglasses take a step forward

Arque is a seahorse-inspired artificial tail
Tech Xplore

Marvel Studios Exec Says There’s Much More To Come After Phase 4
We Got This Covered

An artist’s view of SIGGRAPH 2019

SIGGRAPH Virtual Tour Boards Now
Electronic Engineering Times

Inexpensive acoustic projector delivers sound to moving targets
New Atlas

Magic Leap App Makes Waves, Norm Glasses Push Smartglass Future, & Facebook’s Mind-Powered Controllers
Next Reality

SIGGRAPH Attendance Is Up

SIGGRAPH 2019 Wrap-Up
Renderosity Magazine

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