Meet the Juror: Amy LaMeyer

by | 16 May 2019 | Conferences, Industry Leaders

Have you ever wondered about the expert jurors behind all of the amazing conference content you see each year? Wonder no more! In this series, we’re bringing the SIGGRAPH 2019 juries to you. Next up: SIGGRAPH 2019 Immersive Juror Amy LaMeyer, of WXR Fund. Read on to learn about Amy’s background and how she stays inspired.

SIGGRAPH: What excites you most about your work? Where does your passion come from?

Amy LaMeyer (AL): I am incredibly excited about the potential of spatial computing (VR, AR, MR) particularly in collaboration with artificial intelligence (AI). Seeing these technologies in action reminds me of the early days of mass internet adoption. The potential to transform businesses and enable human interaction is just as great, and just as unknown.

SIGGRAPH: What is one contribution you’ve made to the industry that has been most meaningful to you?

AL: Several years ago, while first diving deeply into learning about virtual and augmented reality, I realized how much there is to learn. I wanted to make it easier for others to get familiar with this new and exciting space, so I created The site is a compilation of key resources on spatial computing, including major conferences, podcasts, newsletters, books, and a calendar of related San Francisco Bay Area events.

SIGGRAPH: Share a resource you frequent for inspiration. 

AL: I am constantly inspired by the “99% Invisible” podcast by Roman Mars via Radiotopia. This podcast takes me beyond technology to realize how design impacts everyday lives.

SIGGRAPH: Share a fond SIGGRAPH memory.

AL: I’ll never forget meeting Roger Malina in 2018, just prior to the 50th anniversary celebration of Leonardo. Roger is the longtime editor of Leonardo, a peer-reviewed journal on contemporary science and technology with arts and music.

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