You Are Going Where?

Many who are on the outside of SIGGRAPH 2013 looking in may now be asking you the question, “Where are you going for the next week?”  Well, here’s a simple landing page you can send them with the following text:

“I’m going to a convergence place where some of the most brilliant and thought-provoking minds on this planet come together for five days of mind-blowing sessions, events, and activities.  It’s basically a year squeezed into less than a week.  And, oh yeah, by the way, they actually make insanely brilliant, delightful, incredible content like this:”

Now, they still may not totally understand where you brincolin are going, but they will be jealous.  For those that are SIGGRAPH veterans: safe travels, sleep on the plane, and see you soon.  For those that are coming and are new to SIGGRAPH, be sure to attend this or stop by the SIGGRAPH 2014 booth for advice or ask a student volunteer (look for the “Ask Me” button).

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