Artificial Intelligence All-Stars: Trends From SIGGRAPH 2023

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Image Credit: Andreas Psaltis © 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning is a hot, hot, hot topic in the realm of computer graphics and interactive techniques. Not only is it shaping the future of this industry, but it’s also impacting the future of healthcare, accessibility, art, and more. At SIGGRAPH 2023, AI took center stage and captivated participants with groundbreaking advancements and breathtaking applications. From AI-powered art to cutting-edge research, the conference showcased the dynamic intersection of AI and computer graphics in the way we learn, teach, and communicate. In case you missed it, here is a recap of the thrilling AI highlights from the SIGGRAPH 2023 conference.

She Hulk: Lawyer to Fashion Icon

In the “Going Green” Talk session, Digital Domain’s Visual Effects Supervisor Jan Philip Cramer unveiled the remarkable journey of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” Cramer’s presentation not only delved into the creation of the main character and the intricacies of motion studies but also offered a fascinating exploration of AI’s role in the project. One of the highlights of Cramer’s presentation was the application of machine learning for facial animation, a technology that breathed life into She-Hulk’s expressive visage. Additionally, he shed light on the use of Charlatan, Digital Domain’s neural network, which facilitated “deep fake”-like face replacement, adding an intriguing layer of complexity to the project and positioning AI in a pivotal role for bringing She-Hulk’s character to life.

AI-mediated 3D Video Conferencing

Communication knows no boundaries in this AI-mediated world. SIGGRAPH 2023 participants witnessed the future of virtual meetings unfold before their very eyes. This revolutionary system brings the power of AI to the forefront, enabling the reconstruction and autostereoscopic display of life-sized talking heads using readily available computing resources and minimal capture equipment.

A Demonstration of Morphing Identity: Exploring Self-other Identity Continuum Through Interpersonal Facial Morphing

Explore your self-other identity with this intriguing demo! “Morphing Identity” unveiled an interactive wonder that delved into the complex realm of self and others. This captivating presentation showcased a real-time system that seamlessly blends the facial images of two users, resulting in an intriguing exploration of self-identification and myriad interpersonal experiences. Through the magic of facial image blending and swapping over time, “Morphing Identity” offered participants a window into the ever-evolving landscape of human identity.

Brain-Machine Interface for Neurorehabilitation and Human Augmentation

The future of neurorehabilitation and human augmentation came to life through “Brain-Machine Interface (BMI).” This cutting-edge technology harnessed the capabilities of AI to analyze real-time brain waves, offering a remarkable glimpse into the world of neural activity manipulation. With a robot assisting paralyzed fingers and providing somatosensory feedback through electrical stimulation, BMI showcased its potential to stimulate brain rewiring and drive improved functional recovery, particularly in stroke patients. But the innovation didn’t stop there; this technology holds promise for enhancing sports performance, refining musical skills, and addressing neurological disorders in various patient populations. This project showcased the potentially transformative impact AI has on the future of healthcare and human potential.


How can we orchestrate an elegant extinction that forges a deep, empathetic connection with the next dominant species, the octopus? “Chthulucene” invited participants to embark on a journey of interspecies metamorphosis, exploring the nuances of octopus movements and redefining our relationship with the natural world. This presentation illuminated the intersection of AI, empathy, and interspecies communication, offering a fresh perspective on our place in the evolving tapestry of life on Earth.

Hyborg Agency

“Hyborg Agency” blurred the lines between the digital and the natural worlds. This immersive experience beckoned participants into a virtual forest and a Discord channel, bridging the gap between reality and fiction through the presence of fictional AI deer known as “Hyborgs.” Powered by GPT-3, “Hyborg Agency” extracted and summarized conversations within its community, weaving a tapestry of collective thoughts. Each passing day witnessed the Hyborgs absorbing this intellectual nourishment, mirroring the growth of large language models in the fertile soil of human society. This installation is a testament to the limitless possibilities of human imagination and AI collaboration.

Cluster #069

Where art and AI collide, “Cluster #069” is born. Through an ingenious clustering algorithm, the entirety of Botto’s work was dissected, revealing 128 distinct artistic themes. From these, 64 pieces were carefully selected and clustered based on shared features, creating a captivating style mosaic. But the creative process didn’t end there; Botto’s artistic community played a vital role by voting for their favorite pieces within these style grids. This collaborative project illuminated the incredible synergy between AI and human creativity, demonstrating the limitless potential of technology within the realm of art and via its mesmerizing mosaic of themes and styles.


What if you found your doppelgänger at SIGGRAPH 2023? “Connections” unveiled an extraordinary robotic installation that transcended time and space. This immersive experience harnessed the power of AI to search viewers’ faces and compare them to a vast image database of SIGGRAPH community members. The result was a profound connection between participants and the pioneers, award winners, committee members, and other community members who have shaped the history of SIGGRAPH. AI worked its magic by searching and matching faces and forging meaningful relationships across generations.

Neural Holographic Near-eye Displays for Virtual Reality

How is neural holography reshaping the VR landscape? “Neural Holographic Near-eye Displays for Virtual Reality” showcased the game-changing potential of holographic displays in virtual and augmented reality. These displays promise full 3D depth cues, visual aberration correction, and lower power consumption, hinting at a paradigm shift in how we experience digital worlds. A prototype holographic display demonstrated the remarkable strides made by neural holography algorithms, bringing us closer to a future where immersive technology knows no bounds.


“ReCollection” not only offers an artistic exploration but also presents a future prototype for cultural heritage reproduction and re-imagination. This groundbreaking project takes you on a journey where memory and imagination converge through ingenious AI system design and experimental visualization. By fine-tuning a transformer-based AI model with Alzheimer’s patients’ visual memories and descriptions, “ReCollection” crafts entirely new memories based on real-time narratives from participants.

Although SIGGRAPH 2023 has wrapped, you can still explore the exhilarating conference content on the ACM Digital Library! Learn more.

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