Art, Immersive, and Innovation: Exploring the SIGGRAPH 2022 Experience Hall

photo by Andreas Psaltis © 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH

In the Experience Hall, you can come to play, learn, or just watch and observe the innovation surrounding you! Throughout the duration of the live conference week, the Experience Hall has opened its arms, and its doors, to anyone seeking some CG fun throughout the day. Take a look at what filled this room with so much excitement and smiling faces below.

Art Gallery

Digital artists and enthusiasts alike are welcomed! This juried exhibition is filled with the latest innovations in hopes that you use the artwork for creative contemplation. “Glacier’s Lament” lit up the room by inviting participants to enter and learn about the most visible evidence of global warming today, while “My Data Body” brought in a multimedia installation to show a new form of medical scans, making this project popular on SIGGRAPH’s social media. The SIGGRAPH 2022 Art Gallery Best in Show award winner, “Ray,” was a huge hit among participants, as many lined up to view this responsive art experience that reinterprets a 20th century camera-less image-making technique. Discover more about the Art Gallery.

Emerging Technologies

Evolution is SIGGRAPH’s middle name! As part of this year’s Experience Hall, Emerging Technologies set out to feature the next generation of innovative and inclusive technology … and the contributors sure succeeded. Participants roamed across the conference floor with the “Demonstrating Poimo as Inflatable, Inclusive Mobility Devices With a Soft Input Interface.” They tried a demo of “Waving Blanket: Dynamic Liquid Distribution for Multiple Tactile Feedback Using Rewireable Piping System” which utilizes a water pump and air valve to create a relaxation application called “Water Forest.” The SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies Best in Show awardee, “HDR VR,” welcomed visitors to experience a higher fidelity VR display that more fully utilizes the human eye’s dynamic range. Discover more about Emerging Technologies.

Immersive Pavilion

The Immersive Pavilion continues to cover breakthroughs in VR, AR, and mixed reality in the Experience Hall. Participants played a round of golf. Well, they played “Fruit Golf: An Asymmetrical Share Space VR/Mobile Experience” that is. Have you ever wanted to touch the stars? Participants took a journey with “Star-Stuff: A Way for the Universe to Know Itself,” a multi-user immersive experience that transforms immersants’ bodies into constellations whose lifetimes unfold before their eyes. The SIGGRAPH 2022 Immersive Pavilion top selection, “Journal of My Journey: Seamless Interaction in Virtuality and Reality With Digital Fabrication and Sensory Feedback,” let users explore the possibilities of integrating seamless interactions in virtuality and reality right before their eyes. Discover more about the Immersive Pavilion.


While Labs’ inaugural year took place virtually in 2020, the program made its in-person debut this week! Labs offer hands-on learning that creates a unique experience for everyone involved. The moment you enter the Experience Hall at SIGGRAPH 2022, you’re greeted by Labs, allowing you to immediately dive in. “Hands-on Exploration of Hybrid 4D Printing Design Space” provides opportunities for participants to get familiar with the newly accessible 4D printing technology. Unlock new embroidery skills with the “Fuzzy Boundary (An Embroidery Installation).” Did you get to play with “Scabo: XR Smart Cardboard Toy Kit“? With a new eco-friendly solution to the toy industry, participants engaged in the transformational DIY experience of making a legged robot from scratch. Plus, many Labs Demos sessions had standing room only! Discover more about Labs.

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