Take a Peek at SIGGRAPH 2022 Exhibitors

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Pop the bubble and take a look at some of our SIGGRAPH 2022 exhibitors! When you join us in Vancouver, you’ll gain the opportunity to connect with leading companies and institutions in computer graphics (CG) and interactive techniques from around the world, and to learn more about the cutting-edge innovations each has in store. Get a sneak peek of the Exhibition from six exhibitors that will be present at the conference, 8–11 August, and hear what they are most excited about.


AMD has grown into a global company that sets the standard for modern computing through major technological achievements, and it’s executed many important industry firsts along the way. Hear from James Knight, global director of media and entertainment, on what the team has planned for SIGGRAPH 2022.

On Exhibiting

AMD will be at SIGGRAPH 2022 because the conference’s community is the exact audience it provides technology to. AMD’s technology is in every major render farm across the planet, and in all the best workstations, too. Both are being used for rendering and for all digital content creation, or DCC, applications. 

On Going Back In-person

So much more is accomplished by meeting with people in person as opposed to over a video chat. For instance, you can actually politely talk over each other in an in-person meeting, but on video chat it doesn’t work even still. Plus, business is — first and foremost — social. Socializing with colleagues and partners is incredibly important to what AMD does. 

On What’s in Store for Attendees

The timing of SIGGRAPH this year will be right around the time AMD will have some exciting things to share. There is always new technology at AMD, so come ready to learn what’s next! 

AMPD Technologies Inc.

AMPD strives to “reinvent” the internet to properly support low-latency applications in environmentally conscious ways. With over two decades of experience, AMPD overcomes the limitations of commodity cloud architecture by offering dedicated bare metal solutions, as well as private and public cloud offerings. Marketing and Communications Specialist Kajol Bhatia dives into what you can expect to see at SIGGRAPH 2022.

On Exhibiting

When AMPD heard the news of SIGGRAPH happening at their home base in Vancouver, the team knew that AMPD Technologies would be leading the conversation for technological innovations happening in the city and globally. AMPD brings decades of experience working with digital content creators and offers an integrated suite of private, cloud-based solutions that are designed to create the ultimate “infrastructureless” studio. 

On Going Back In-person

AMPD is excited to connect with a global community of leaders and share inspiring, innovative ideas. The pandemic has taught them that they cannot take technological advancement lightly. It is needed now more than ever. Being in person will allow them to better collaborate with attendees and contribute to the growth of the industry.

On What’s in Store for Attendees

AMPD will be launching greener, more sustainable data centers in Los Angeles and Amsterdam in the coming year. Wherever they can, AMPD will adopt greener data center practices that use sustainable energy sources. In there proof-of-concept space in Vancouver, the heat produced by the servers is captured and reutilized to heat and provide potable water for use in the surrounding residential units — turning waste into valuable, re-usable assets. Visit the team to learn more about its commitment to a more sustainable digital future.

Departure Lounge Inc.

Departure Lounge Inc. provides the expertise to enhance your team’s understanding of the blockchain and its potential opportunities so that you can create a blockchain strategy for today. Catch up with Tawanda Masawi, director of growth, as she shares what’s to come this summer below.

On Exhibiting

Departure Lounge Inc. is exhibiting because SIGGRAPH brings together the most innovative companies, which provides a range of innovative tools and technologies to facilitate access to the metaverse, along with creative services and Web3 expertise that utilize those technologies.

On Going Back In-person

The Departure Lounge team is excited for its partners to engage with them, and in-person events allow everyone to showcase new tools and technologies in an experiential way. During COVID-19, connecting with people was really a challenge because potential partners could only see the visual representation of the work that they do.

On What’s in Store for Attendees

Metastage and Departure Lounge have set up a new, volumetric-capture studio to bring humans into the metaverse. The volumetric capture studio will be in Vancouver and available for virtual reality, gaming, and metaverse developers to use. The stage itself will be a 1:1 replica of Metastage Los Angeles, with 106 cameras, 20 Arri Skypanels, 8 Sennheiser shotgun mics, and a robust, custom, adjustable truss infrastructure.

The one difference is that the Vancouver stage will have newer Volucam cameras from IOI Industries. Another big advantage for Departure Lounge is its partner, AMPD Technologies. AMPD has created a pathway for almost limitless data transferring and storage. Hence, the capture capabilities are almost endless.


ftrack transformed from a small crew in Stockholm to a global company that tackles creative challenges. Their team and technologies are built around a single purpose: to unleash the potential, productivity, and progress of every creative project. Fredrik Limsater, CEO and founder, shares the latest updates and what’s exciting about going back to in-person conferences.

On Exhibiting

SIGGRAPH is one of ftrack’s most significant annual events. The team has exhibited many times and each year they do, it reinforces how valuable SIGGRAPH is to the company, the team, and the industry at large. 

In many ways, SIGGRAPH feels like home to ftrack. Although it operates in many industries, computer graphics and visual effects are where ftrack came from — the first incarnation was at a visual effects studio to serve the needs of complex creative pipelines. Fast forward to 2022, and ftrack is celebrating its 10th anniversary. It’s incredible to look back on the last decade and think about how much the company has achieved, whether through acquiring cineSync, winning an Academy Award, or joining four other brands under Backlight. It’s also amazing to note that, during that journey, ftrack has attended every SIGGRAPH in some form or another, whether that was just walking the show floor as in the earlier years or — as is the case this year — running one of the largest booths they’ve ever had. In a way, it feels like exhibiting at SIGGRAPH is inextricably part of the ftrack success story over the last 10 years. 

The company enjoys being part of the Exhibition because it is an excellent opportunity to show its media review and production tracking platforms to the world, and to speak to existing customers and new prospects. However, ftrack also exhibits because the team loves the industry. SIGGRAPH stands as a unique opportunity to see how other companies are innovating and what things they’re bringing to the table, and exhibiting isn’t just an opportunity to sell our solutions; it’s also an opportunity to learn and be inspired by everything else occurring in this extraordinary industry. 

SIGGRAPH is not just about business — it’s about the people, the energy, and the vibe. That’s why we love being there on the show floor, right at the beating heart of the industry.

On Going Back In-person

After a year away, the ftrack team is thrilled to come back with a bang at SIGGRAPH 2022. We’ll have one of our largest booths ever, and can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve been working on.

What we find most exciting about being back in person sounds pretty obvious, but it’s so important: it’s getting to see people again. Today’s world of remote work isn’t going anywhere — and we are all for it and the efficiencies and work-life harmony that this new status quo provides. (Many of the ftrack team are 100% remote and contribute from around the globe.) However, nothing can quite replace the feeling of meeting one another in person. SIGGRAPH provides an excellent opportunity for teams to step out from behind their computer screens and enjoy actual human interaction. 

At SIGGRAPH 2022, we are excited to see a lot of our ftrack family together in one place. Also, we are looking forward to getting face time with individuals, both new and those we’ve known for many years. It’s an excellent place for valuable discussions, and we get to take time speaking to our customers about pain points and how ftrack and cineSync can help to address them. We also open up discussions of feedback on how the platform can support workflows, and we ensure that we’re meeting new people and learning about what they’re working on and bringing to the industry. The conversations are invaluable — and essential — for us as we continue to evolve the ftrack platform and create the industry’s best production tracking, shot management, and interactive media review solutions. Doing so over a video call is fine, but being able to speak to individuals in person absolutely adds another dimension.

On What’s in Store for Attendees

It’s too early to divulge everything that we’ll be showing at SIGGRAPH 2022, but Limsater could say that what ftrack is bringing to the show will be very eye-opening. In addition to that teaser, he could divulge that the team will be able to discuss the recent acquisition by Backlight and how they’re working with new partner companies, which include Zype, Wildmoka, iconik, and Celtx. Our booth will also showcase the reimagined ftrack Review, with its new UI, workflows, and under-the-hood improvements, and will bring cineSync 5 — the latest cineSync upgrade, featuring a whole new infrastructure and back-end, a new UI, and new workflows designed to meet the needs of visual effects productions today. 

Lastly, of course, the team will have the latest version of ftrack Studio to show to the world … but Limsater could not say much more than that right now.

Think Tank Training Centre

Think Tank Training Centre was created from a spark to do more. With new innovations, the company has gained popularity organically through proven success and satisfaction of students’ education and experience.

On Exhibiting

Is it here yet? The Think Tank team is counting down the days until they get to reconnect with the greatest CG innovators, experts, and creative minds from around the world. They are excited to attend because SIGGRAPH has always been such a vibrant platform to bring together the community and celebrate innovative talent. They are thrilled to take this opportunity to bring their students’ talents to a global stage and express their support for the technology and creative industries that they’re so proudly a part of.

On Going Back In-person

Think Tank is beyond excited that SIGGRAPH is coming to its own backyard! Although the team has students across the world, the Centre’s home base is Vancouver — just steps from production powerhouses and a bustling tech community — and that has always been an inspiration to the programs they build. They can’t wait for the opportunity to reconnect with the expansive, yet tight-knit, community of artists, nerds, and visionaries at the center of where it all started, Vancouver! Think Tank, like others, is also looking forward to being reunited in person with the community that it proudly supports through its network and training programs, and to witness, first-hand, the sea of passionate individuals making waves in the industry.

On What’s in Store for Attendees

Drumroll please… Think Tank 2.0 is coming soon! The team is barely able to contain their excitement as they await the launch of a whole new Think Tank experience. So what’s in store? Get ready for a brand-new look and reimagined Think Tank. They’re also gearing up for the launch of the Think Tank Podcast, hosted by Think Tank founder Scott Thompson and stacked with a panel of local industry leaders. Things are about to change here at Think Tank — stay tuned!


Vicon provides tailored motion capture systems for any application: life sciences, media and entertainment, location-based virtual reality, and engineering. The company vision is to analyze and enhance the potential for human motion for the benefit of all by designing and developing premium motion-capture technology.

On Exhibiting

Vicon is thrilled to be back in person at SIGGRAPH 2022 this summer. The team loves coming together with the visual effects/motion-capture community to reconnect and share the latest #ViconPowered updates.

On Going Back In-person

The visual effects industry is incredibly innovative and fast-paced. After two years away from the in-person event, Vicon can’t wait to catch up on all the newest developments from its friends and partners.

On What’s in Store for Attendees

Vicon will be highlighting exciting product updates and showcasing the power of Vicon Shōgun motion capture for visual effects and virtual production.

If you’re interested in exhibiting at SIGGRAPH 2022, view a variety of ways to connect with participants and our sponsorship opportunities here. And, don’t forget to register to join us in Vancouver!

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