Getting to Know Your SIGGRAPH 2021 Chair, Pol Jeremias-Vila

Photo of Pol Jeremias-Vila at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles by John Fujii © 2017 ACM SIGGRAPH

The secret’s out! It was announced today the Pol Jeremias-Vila will chair the SIGGRAPH 2021 conference in Los Angeles. To celebrate his selection, we’ve rounded up some items from our archives to help you get to know the newest conference leader.

On the Pod…

In our short time producing the SIGGRAPH Spotlight podcast, Pol has helped to lead two episodes. Listen as he talks with experts from Niantic, Inc. on augmented reality and with Computer Animation Festival Best in Show winner (2017), “Song of a Toad.”

From the Blog…

In 2015, Pol chaired the Real-Time Live! program. Check out this blog post for a recap of the show.

In the Press…

As a key player in the Computer Animation Festival over the years, Pol has been sited a handful of times with the press. These are some of our favorites:

Via Video…

Just last year, Pol served as the SIGGRAPH 2018 Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality Chair. Press play to hear what he had to say about the program.

SIGGRAPH 2021 will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 1–5 August 2021. Don’t forget to join us in Washington, D.C. one year prior for SIGGRAPH 2020 (19–23 July)!

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