Meet the Winner of the Spirit of SIGGRAPH Character Design Contest

by | 10 May 2016 | Animation, Art, Conferences, Design, Graphics, Virtual Reality

Spirit of SIGGRAPH

Design: courtesy of Mario R. Nagamura for SIGGRAPH 2016

SIGGRAPH 2016 invited artists and designers from around the world to create a character design that embodies the excitement and energy of the SIGGRAPH conference. Our winning “Spirit of SIGGRAPH” design was created by Mario R. Nagamura, a CG Artist and Lead Designer at Caverna Digital LSI-USP in São Paulo, Brazil. Mario will receive a complimentary full conference registration to SIGGRAPH 2016.

Mario says about his design:

Engineers, artists, programmers, designers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs — the audience of SIGGRAPH is diverse. But why are all these people attracted to the same event, year after year? What do they have in common? They all imagine, accept challenge, and make their dreams a reality.


The lines of my character are simple in order to draw identification from a broad audience. The child is not specific, but the child within all of us, who dreams, desires, and imagines.


The child has a tablet and pencil, and is also a creator, the one who accepted the challenge. His robotic arms, gradually materialize from a project sketch, to wireframe, to shaded, and connect with an ultimate creation, a super-cool robot floating above, which is a symbol of combined efforts of work from many fields.

Mario’s team at Caverna Digital, a virtual reality lab at the Universidade de São Paulo, develops CG content for virtual reality systems, research, simulation, training, and entertainment. Many of their works have been presented at SIGGRAPH. In his spare time, Mario is the co-founder and art director of UIA Games, a small, indie studio that creates games for mobile devices.

My passion is to create things, any crazy stuff, from character concepts, to solutions for daily problems. Everything can be a great puzzle!

Look for Mario’s winning creation on social media and at SIGGRAPH 2016. Congratulations, Mario!

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