Take A Tour of the SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Gallery

SIGGRAPH 2013 Art Gallery Chair Victoria Szabo from Duke University, takes you on a high-level tour of this year’s art exhibition in Anaheim  The Art Gallery’s 2013 theme, XYZN: Scale, draws attention to a key critical affordance of computer-based authorship: the ability to iteratively scale our digital representations at will: in-out-up-down, back jumpers for sale and forth, + and -. These core functions enable us to change size and location over time, and at different degrees of resolution.  This is a great high-level tour of that content.

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  1. james

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  2. Kristofer Mcginty

    That’s pretty wicked convergence right there! It definitely will come to a point where we should be able to reach out to art and product onscreen and take it. Right now, perhaps we should get to exposing this and spreading the good word to as many people as possible about this online. It’s the least we can do.


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