SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 78 – Projecting the Future of Computer Graphics

by | 7 June 2024 | Conferences, Graphics

Image credit from left to right: Everardo Reyes, David Em, and Aaron Marcus

In this episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, SIGGRAPH 2024 Special Projects Chair Everardo Reyes engages in an insightful conversation with computer graphics pioneers David Em, and Aaron Marcus. Together, they dive into technological advancements, the nuances of art and diverse projects, share recommended resources, and collectively envision the future as we embark on the next 50 years of pushing the boundaries of computer graphics excellence.

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About Our Guests

David Em is one of the first artists to work with pixels. In 1975 he made digital paintings at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. From 1976 to 1988, he was Artist-in-Residence at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and at Caltech, where he became the first artist to construct navigable virtual worlds. Since the 1990s, Em has worked independently. His recent creations incorporate AI.

Aaron Marcus is president of Aaron Marcus and Associates. He started using computer graphics to make art and design as a student in the late ’60s, at Yale, and then as graduate student at Princeton. He also worked at Bell Telephone Labs. At SIGGRAPH 1980, he chaired the special session on EFFECTIVE INFORMATION PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES, when he was a teacher at the University of Berkeley.

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