Real-Time Live! Will Continue to Wow the Crowd in Denver

by | 2 April 2024 | Conferences, Real-Time

photo by Andreas Psaltis © 2023 ACM SIGGRAPH

Discover the latest insights from SIGGRAPH, where groundbreaking projects and transformative technologies take center stage. From motion capture advancements to the future of ray tracing, delve into the world of innovation with our latest Real-Time Live! roundup as we approach the program’s 9 April submission deadline.

Developing Motion Capture With Machine Learning and AI

We caught up with the team behind the SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! selection “Suit Up: AI MoCap.” Here, they share their inspiration for their marker-based, motion capture (MoCap) method and what is next for them and their project. Read Now.

SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 65 – Tracing the Future: Exploring the Revolutionary Technology of Ray Tracing

How does ray tracing in video games compare to standard rasterization? How has ray tracing evolved, and where will it take us in the future of gaming? In this episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! Chair Cem Yuksel invites six experts in the ray tracing field to discuss these intriguing questions surrounding the fascinating art of ray tracing in video games. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or just curious about the latest trends, join us as we dive into the world of ray tracing and discover what it means for the future of entertainment and beyond. Listen Now.

Witness the Magic of Real-Time Live! in Los Angeles

SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! Chair Cem Yuksel moderated an extra-special presentation of Real-Time Live! for the 50th conference celebration. Real-Time Live! was hosted in person in Los Angeles, and for the first time ever, it was livestreamed on Twitch. SIGGRAPH 2023 showcased 13 live demos, and each one stole the show with its transformative technology. Check out a recap of the exciting event. Read Now.

Communicate Through Remote Embodied Characters at Real-Time Live!

The world of artificial intelligence is evolving every day and with that, the opportunities are endless. SIGGRAPH sat down with Llogari Casas and Professor Kenny Mitchell of the SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! presentation “Intermediated Reality With an AI 3D Printed Character” to discuss “Intermediated Reality”. Read Now.

Step Into the Virtual Arena With Real-time Stage Modeling and Visual Effects

SIGGRAPH 2023 Real-Time Live! selection “Real-time Stage Modelling and Visual Effects for Live Performances” took home this year’s Audience Choice award thanks to its show-stopping visual effects, creative interaction between real and virtual performers, and excellent ability to showcase real-time 3D modeling — plus, killer whales! SIGGRAPH caught up with contributor Taehyun Rhee to discuss how this demo came to life, the challenges the team encountered, and what’s to come with this next-level technology. Read Now.

Real-time, AI-enhanced Storytelling for Motor Racing Sports

We checked in with the team lead behind SIGGRAPH 2020 Real-Time Live!’s “Chroma Tools: AI-enhanced Storytelling for Motor Racing Sports” to learn how they prepared for their real-time presentation and the technology behind the Chroma Tools project. Read Now.

Take the plunge into the forefront of technology and innovation with SIGGRAPH’s latest discoveries. Submit your Real-Time Live! project by 9 April.

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