SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 72 — Emerging Technologies Expand Beyond CG Boundaries

by | 10 November 2023 | Conferences, Emerging Technologies, Interactive Techniques

In the latest episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight, our host, Mashhuda Glencross, SIGGRAPH 2023 Emerging Technologies Chair, takes us on an exhilarating journey into the heart of emerging technologies. Joined by esteemed guests Dr. Jessica Korte, SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies Contributor; Dr. Mike Seymour, SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies Contributor and Featured Sessions Chair; and Dr. Paul Dietz, past SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies Chair, we explore how their projects influence not just computer graphics but touch nontechnological fields, how emerging technologies has evolved over the past few decades, and noticeable trends we predict will continue to grow in the computer graphics space.

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