Remarks That Resonate: 12 Quotes From SIGGRAPH 2022 Featured Speakers

by | 19 September 2022 | Conferences

photo by John Fujii © 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH

SIGGRAPH 2022 boasted an impressive lineup of Featured Speakers, which Conference Chair Munkhtsetseg Nandigjav called the most diverse slate of speakers she’s seen at the top of the conference playbill. Sougwen Chung, Ed Catmull, Pat Hanrahan, Sarah Bond, and Ime Archibong inspired the crowds in Vancouver and virtually. If you missed their sessions the first time around, you can still catch their words of wisdom and knowledge sharing on the virtual conference platform through 31 October. First, check out some remarks that resonate from each speaker below:

Sougwen Chung, photo by John Fujii © 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH

Sougwen Chung

Artist and (re)searcher Sougwen Chung presented “Seeing Double — Bridging Dualities With Relational Intelligence,” asking the question of where AI ends and “we” begin and describing the relationships between human and machine. Review these thought-provoking ideas.

“It’s not human versus machine. It’s human and machine.”

“The artificial is us in a different form.”

“I can’t simulate the outcome in my mind, but it’s always been unexpected … There’s no way I can imagine what the outcome will be.”

Watch Sougwen’s full presentation on the conference stream from Monday, 8 August.

Ed Catmull and Pat Hanrahan, photo by John Fujii © 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH

Ed Catmull and Pat Hanrahan

ACM A.M. Turing Award winners Ed Catmull and Pat Hanrahan returned to the SIGGRAPH stage for a combined session discussing the history and advancements of the computer graphics industry, as well as these astute remarks.

“A vision, a culture of sharing, and support … this is something I wanted to take with me wherever I went.” —Ed Catmull

“I really value the process of working through the implications of coming changes.” —Ed Catmull

“You can think of open GL as a language.” —Pat Hanrahan

“Graphics has changed the way computer systems are built.” —Pat Hanrahan

Watch Ed and Pat’s full presentation on the conference stream from Monday, 8 August.

Sarah Bond, photo by John Fujii © 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH

Sarah Bond

Xbox’s Sarah Bond believes that games have the unique ability to break barriers, spark imagination, and create empathy. Gaming is more than just playing a game — it’s a social experience, an outlet, and a bonding opportunity. Check out her formulas that explain how digital worlds can make the real world of tomorrow better.

“Games are a beautiful combination of art, math, and science.”

“Empathy = (proximity + collaboration) ^ play”

“Gaming is a force for good.”

Watch Sarah’s full presentation and fireside chat on the conference stream from Tuesday, 9 August.

Ime Archibong, photo by John Fujii © 2022 ACM SIGGRAPH

Ime Archibong

Meta’s Ime Archibong took the SIGGRAPH stage to share who will design the next wave of innovation. Spoiler alert: You are! Here are some highlights from Ime’s fireside chat.

“What fuels me is how we, as a society, use technology to augment our capacity to learn, build, play, and earn.”

“My core job is to protect the space where the seeds can be planted and become oak trees someday.”

Watch Ime’s full fireside chat on the conference stream from Thursday, 11 August.

There’s more where that came from! To listen in and be inspired by the thrilling ideas and practices presented by the SIGGRAPH 2022 Featured Speakers, visit the virtual conference platform. Don’t have access? You can still register now and access hundreds of hours of on-demand SIGGRAPH content through 31 October.

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