SIGGRAPH Asia 2017: Thailand Insider

by | 23 November 2017 | Conferences, Graphics, Interactive Techniques

SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 in Bankok Thailand

By Jessica Sommerville

SIGGGRAPH Asia 2017  is fast approaching, and those who will be attending may be curious about this year’s host city Bangkok. We at the ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee are here to help. Surapong Lertsithichai (but you can call him Ben) is this year’s conference chair and also a member of the ACM SIGGRAPH Bangkok Chapter. Ben has been kind enough to provide us with some useful tips for attendees.There

  • For those who have only been to the North American conference, SIGGRAPH Asia is a smaller event, creating an intimate environment and a tight community. There is also wide cultural exposure you get to experience when attending a SIGGRAPH Asia conference, as each year it is held in a different country.
  • Even though it will be heading into winter for countries above the equator, be sure to pack your summer clothes for Thailand! Be prepared for heat, and stay hydrated, it is a very humid country, and as Ben explains it, “Thailand only has three seasons – hot, hotter and hottest!”
  • He is also convinced that Thailand has the best food in the world, so he recommends “sampling every local food, especially the renowned Thai street food (food is cheap and the country is inexpensive in general). But expect SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 to treat you with lots of good Thai food at the parties and receptions and throughout the conference.”
  • Ben’s last piece of advice involves the people of Thailand! He describes the local people as very friendly and kind, “a helping hand is just a call away even if you don’t speak Thai. You will definitely have a great time here in Thailand!”

As for the industry in Thailand, the Thai government provides support to the industry by funding organisations like the Thai Animation and Computer Graphics Association, TACGA. The Thai government wants Thailand to be the computer graphics hub for Asia by the year 2020, and according to TACGA, Thailand is one of only three countries in Asia to be part of this strategic drive.

Conference Chair Ben says that the areas of computer graphics that have gained much interest in Thailand lately include VR/AR, computer games, and interactive social media for commercialization. He explains, “I think this trend will continue to expand, as demand for more digital content in every platform continues to grow, not only in Thailand, but throughout Asia. With the introduction of SIGGRAPH Asia in Bangkok, I hope that Thailand will soon become the center of CG in South East Asia very soon.”

Stay tuned for the SIGGRAPH Spotlight episode, produced by the ACM SIGGRAPH International Resources Committee, featuring a discussion between SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 CAF Committee producer Marisa Tontaveetong and SIGGRAPH Asia 2017 Student Volunteer Committee Chair Pisut Wisessing.

See you in Bangkok!

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