SIGGRAPH 2014 Focus: Art

by | 5 August 2014 | Art, Graphics

SIGGRAPH 2014’s creative explorers present artwork and sessions on 2D and 3D art, interactive systems, augmented reality, mixed-media installations and performances, web-based art, responsive media, time-based works, works based on mobile technologies, digital communities and social media, robotics, touch-screens, and wearable art.

Listed below is just some of the SIGGRAPH 2014 content that may be of interest to the following people: Graphic Designers, Information and Visualization Designers, Multimedia Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Art Managers, Art Students, Art Teachers/Professors.Jumping Castle

“The 2014 Art Gallery represents no single or homogenous approach, but a diverse display of artistic strategies,” said Basak Senova, SIGGRAPH 2014 Art Gallery Chair. “Translation, as a term and as a tool, generates numerous potential fields for art production, which is why we selected it as this year’s theme and are thrilled to have these outstanding works and projects.”

For more information on all the amazing content in the Art Gallery, click here.

Here are additional art-related content/events/gatherings happening throughout the conference week:

Birds of a Feather Demoscene – Underground Real-Time Art Worldwide

Studio – Courses Arduino Drawing Machines

Birds of a Feather ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community (DAC)

Birds of a Feather Blender Foundation – Community Meeting

Birds of a Feather Blender Foundation – Artist Showcase and Demos

Technical Papers Shape Collection

Studio – Courses High-Resolution 3D Printing: Design for Stereolithography

Studio – Courses Design Tips for Digital T-Shirt Printing

Technical Papers Points & Reconstruction

Art Papers Aesthetics of Liminality, Biocybernetics, and Generative Art

Technical Papers Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Technical Papers Sampling & Spectra

Studio – Courses Creating Next-Gen 3D Interactive Apps With Motion Control and Unity3D

Art Papers Spatial Politics/Spatial Ontologies

Technical Papers Video Applications

Technical Papers Computational Sensing & Display

Technical Papers Typography & Illustration

Birds of a Feather Ringling College Alumni and Friends Reception

Studio – Courses 3D Scanning for Personal 3D Printing

Studio – Courses alphaBot Workshop: Constructing Robots, Translating Language

Technical Papers Reflectance: Modeling, Capturing, Renderings

Technical Papers Hair & Collisions

Technical Papers Interactive Modeling

Technical Papers Changing Your Perception

Birds of a Feather Enhanced Vision – Digital Video 2015

Technical Papers Shady Images

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