New SIGGRAPH 2010 Submission Deadline for Live Real-Time Demos

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Deadline Extended to 28 April 2010

Over the last many years, the role and impact of interactive and real-time graphics have grown substantially to affect SIGGRAPH attendees from film production to academia. Building inflatable water slide on the debut of Real-Time Rendering at the 2009 Computer Animation Festival, SIGGRAPH 2010 is continuing this new and exciting addition to the conference.

Click here to check out the latest video.

SIGGRAPH 2010 is seeking cutting-edge examples of video games and real-time simulations and graphics in several categories: commercial video games, experimental or prototypes games, software applications, interactive data visualizations, and information aesthetics, among others. As long as the submission is interactively controlled and rendered in real-time, and can be repeated in front of a live audience, it will be considered. Accepted work will be demonstrated live, in real time on a PC, Macintosh, or game console. While we expect many entries will castelo inflavel be games released in 2010, we also encourage submission of non-commercial projects such as:

*Game explorations
*Student game projects
*Mathematical or other industrial simulations
*Research projects
*Real-time art explorations
*New uses of pioneering technology
*Scientific visualizations: medical science, astrophysics, astronomy, physical science
*Interactive data visualization and/or interactive information aesthetics

For complete submission details, click here

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