SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 60 — Latinas in CG, Part 1

by | 18 November 2022 | Conferences, Industry Leaders

From left to right: Ana Cecilia Balliache Liendo, Laura Morales Laines, Diana Arellano

This special two-part SIGGRAPH Spotlight mini-series features incredibly gifted Latinas in the computer graphics field. In part one, join Diana Arellano, SIGGRAPH 2022 Student Volunteer Chair, as she sits down with Laura Morales Laines and Ana Cecilia Balliache Liendo to learn more about their careers, heritage, experiences working abroad, and upcoming projects.

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About Our Guests

Ana Cecilia Balliache Liendo has been fusing her creative and engineering skills in the entertainment industry for the past 11 years. Her past projects include mobile educational games, VR/AR/XR experiences, and high-fidelity immersive theme park experiences. Throughout her career, she has enjoyed empowering those around her to create their best creative work and nurture a healthy collaborative environment. Ana Cecilia’s SIGGRAPH volunteer work includes VR Village, VR Theater, Real-Time Live!, SIGGRAPH 2019 Posters Chair, and SIGGRAPH 2021 Attendee Experience Chair. Currently, she is a senior software engineer with the core team at Skydance New Media developing a high quality, AAA single-player story-driven action-adventure game in partnership with Marvel.

Laura Morales Laines belong to the Mayan people in Guatemala. She did her bachelor’s degree in digital contents in South Korea and is currently finalizing her MA in animation and game direction in Germany. Through her work in digital media and interactive experiences, she hopes to inspire other Indigenous people to feel proud of who they are and where they come from.

Born in Peru, raised in Venezuela and now living in Germany, Diana Arellano holds the roles of CGI-Development Chapter Lead and Agile Coach / Scrum Master at Accenture Song Content Germany. As such she gets to work closely with software development teams in disciplinary and organizational aspects, while keeping them agile. Diana has also been very involved in the co-organization of panel discussions about Women in CG and Visual Arts in conferences like SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH Asia, FMX or Ars Electronica. She has been volunteering for SIGGRAPH and ACM SIGGRAPH since 2007 where she started as Student Volunteer, served as International Resources Committee (IRC) Chair, External Relation Committee Chair and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee member. She was the SIGGRAPH 2022 Student Volunteer Program Chair.

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