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Vancouver Convention Centre is the first double LEED Platinum convention center in the world.

In the last 24 months, world economies have undergone radical disruption financially, culturally, and functionally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic — including the computer graphics industry. 

While some firms have been forced to navigate difficult and trying circumstances, others have adapted their technologies, business models, and operations to great success. Throughout this change, individual contributors have been forced to rethink what their career path or professional development path looks like in this changing landscape. 

SIGGRAPH lead is a new program making its inaugural debut at SIGGRAPH 2022. Built upon the foundation of previous SIGGRAPH programming, such as the Business Symposium, lead is the SIGGRAPH conference’s response to a quickly changing industry that seeks to answer the question of what professional development looks like in computer graphics today.

What is lead?

SIGGRAPH lead is a hybrid program composed of both virtual webinar programming and on-site sessions in Vancouver, focused on key business topics in computer graphics. On-site sessions will focus on the following topics: 

  • “The State of the Computer Graphics Industry 2022”
  • “Charting the Uncharted: Developing Strategy in Computer Graphics”
  • “Managing Change in a post-COVID World”
  • “Bridging the Distance: Successful Communication for Teams in Computer Graphics”

Through a variety of session formats, such as lectures, roundtables, panel discussions, and workshops, SIGGRAPH lead’s on-site programming will engage participants to ask questions and discover new insights about the computer graphics industry today.

What makes lead different from other programs at SIGGRAPH?

SIGGRAPH is the world’s premier conference for computer graphics and interactive techniques. Through programs like Emerging Technologies, Production Sessions, Technical Papers, Immersive Pavilion, and many others, conference participants can experience and learn about the latest and greatest advancements in computer graphics firsthand. 

SIGGRAPH lead seeks to frame this information through the lens of professional development and in the context of the larger computer graphics industry. The goal of the lead program is to help equip participants with the appropriate business knowledge and skills to interpret data, apply critical thinking, and understand how technological advancements impact the computer graphics industry, both economically and strategically. 

By developing a better understanding of their unique position in the industry, participants in the program will be able to chart a successful course for both their individual and their team’s professional development.

Who should attend lead?

We recommend SIGGRAPH lead to anyone interested in improving their business skills, and particularly those in managerial or leadership roles. If you are interested in:

  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the business mechanics underlying computer graphics
  • Developing a better ability to assess the competitive landscape of computer graphics
  • Understanding where your unique skills and experience apply in the larger industry
  • Learning how to better manage change and adapt your teams and processes to succeed
  • Improving your ability to communicate with colleagues across domains, leadership, and disciplines

So, what’s next? Well … we highly recommend you and your team register for SIGGRAPH lead when registration opens this month!

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