How Computer Graphics Expertise Will Further the State of the Art in Machine Learning [Video]

Photo by h heyerlein on Unsplash

In an all-new SIGGRAPH Now, rediscover the SIGGRAPH 2019 Frontiers Talk “How Computer Graphics Expertise Will Further the State of the Art in Machine Learning”. The session focuses on the success of deep learning in solving many problems that had long defied solution. As such, machine learning has become an essential tool in many disciplines — something that is evidenced by recent increases in the amount of papers that use related tools at SIGGRAPH. Martin Wicke (Google) discusses knowledge transfer in the opposite direction: What insights can experts in computer graphics bring to the field of machine learning? How can knowledge about geometry, rendering, simulation, or perception be used to further the state of the art in machine learning? Catch the full session below!

About Martin Wicke (Google)

Martin Wicke is responsible for TensorFlow’s APIs and leads its core engineering team. Before joining Google, Martin worked in startups in various areas such as code synthesis, VR, 3D printing, robotics, CAD, and video analysis. He completed his PhD on modeling and animation at ETH Zurich, and afterwards worked on computational geometry and sensor networks at Stanford, and physics simulation at Berkeley.

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