With all of the chances to discover new research, learn new methods, or experience new technologies, it’s highly likely you missed something that is worth a second look. Not to worry! Below is our mid-week round up of SIGGRAPH 2017 noteworthy stories from the heart of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Five SIGGRAPH Trends Changing the Way We Make Media
Studio Daily


New Technology Brings Skeletal Tracking to Multi-Player Virtual Reality Experiences


Dimensional Imaging Unveil new Facial Capture Tech at SIGGRAPH


AMD Makes Next Move in Comeback With New Graphics Cards


Google Spotlight Stories Takes on SIGGRAPH 2017
Animation World Network


5 Mind-Bending Experiments That Show Where Creativity Is Headed Next


AMPAS, NASA Talk Science, Movies and Diversity at SIGGRAPH
The Hollywood Reporter


Watch a Deep-Learning Bot Learn (and Fail) to Run
Popular Mechanics


Nvidia and Remedy use Neural Networks for Eerily Good Facial Animation
Ars Technica


Real Time Mike!


Announcing the World’s First Brain-computer Interface for Virtual Reality


Nvidia Debuts Isaac-Trained Robot In VR At SIGGRAPH 2017


Challenge NVIDIA’S VR-trained Robots to a Game of Dominoes at SIGGRAPH 2017
Digital Trends


Avatar 2 Is Coming. Seriously, This Time.
Vanity Fair


Disney Legend Floyd Norman To Present SIGGRAPH Keynote
Computer Graphics World


SIGGRAPH 2017: One Of The Biggest Innovations This Year Is The VR Theater


SIGGRAPH: Winners & Wrap-Up, Pixar Peeks RenderMan 22 & Giraffe-gate
Animation Magazine


Here’s a Look at Death Stranding’s In-game Fog System


Automatic Image Retouching on Your Phone
Tech Xplore


HP’s new Nvidia-powered Backpack VR PC is Designed for Work, not Play


Researchers Induce Artificial Movement Sensation in VR Using Four-Pole Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation
Road to VR


Legendary Disney Animator Floyd Norman Is No Luddite


Researchers Induce Artificial Movement Sensation in VR Using Four-Pole Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation
Road to VR


SIGGRAPH 2017’s Best new Tech: Cinema 4D R19, AMD and NVIDIA graphics, Fusion 9, Trapcode 14 and new VR Tools
Digital Arts UK


Microsoft Courts Hollywood with Secure Media Cloud Services

Want to see SIGGRAPH 2017 for yourself? Tune in to the conference live stream for sessions like “Technical Papers Fast Forward” (below) and more!

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