Get to Know SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 Keynote Speaker Jun Murai

by | 9 November 2023 | Conferences, Industry Leaders

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We are delighted to introduce a luminary in the world of computer science and internet technology, Dr. Jun Murai, a keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH Asia in Sydney, Australia, this December. Dr. Murai, celebrated as “The Father of the Internet in Japan” and a global internet samurai, stands as a pioneer in computer science, internet technology, and computer communication. Dr. Murai will take the stage to delve into the fascinating topic of “Internet Civilization: A New Frontier for Humankind,” shedding light on the internet’s transformative role as a global single space with profound implications for our society, economy, and way of life.

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SIGGRAPGH Asia: Give us a little teaser of what you will be speaking about and sharing at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023 this December in Sydney.

Jun Murai (JM): I am honored to be a part of SIGGRAPH Asia 2023. I will be delivering a presentation, “Internet Civilization: A New Frontier for Humankind.” The talk will delve into the internet’s pivotal role in connecting individuals across the globe, expanding digital technology access to a wider audience, and its profound influence on the global society.

SIGGRAPH Asia: As one of the pioneers in the field of computer networking, could you share your initial vision for the internet in Japan and some of the challenges you faced in its early days of adoption?     

JM: My vision for the internet in Japan was to create a global space that fosters connections among all users. One of the primary challenges we encountered was managing the extensive diversity of cultures and ensuring the respect for individuality within this interconnected environment.

SIGGRAPH Asia: As “The Father of the Internet in Japan,” you’ve seen the internet’s growth from its infancy. What advice would you give to the next generation of innovators and researchers looking to make a meaningful impact in the realm of internet technology?

JM: Create what you desire, express your concerns, and request improvements on the existing digital system. This will pave the way for the development of a new and enhanced digital infrastructure system.

SIGGRAPH Asia: What is your greatest achievement in your career?

JM: Internalization (118N) of UNIX, emails, and the web.

SIGGRAPH Asia: How do you think the future of the internet will further advance or bring about challenges to the computer graphics and interactive techniques industry?

JM: Broader bandwidth and shorter latency. Some trust advancements on end-to-end entities.

SIGGRAPH Asia: Have you attended SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH Asia before? If yes, can you share a favorite memory of the event?

JM: Yes! I attended SIGGRAPH a long time ago. I was impressed by its amazing contributions to the world of movies.

SIGGRAPH Asia: What do you hope for attendees to take away from your session at SIGGRAPH Asia 2023?

JM: I hope the following takeaways resonate: RTT on Earth 133ms, Earth to/from Moon 2.6s, and Earth to/from Mars 6.2 to 44.8 mins.

SIGGRAPH Asia: How do you continue to challenge yourself and grow as an individual, even after achieving so much in your career?

JM: Space X Internet and Medical X Internet are currently two important subjects I am interested in learning about more.

SIGGRAPH Asia: Beyond your professional accomplishments, what are some of your personal hobbies or interests that might surprise people?

JM: Manga and blues music mania.

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