SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 56 – Design for Belonging

by | 20 May 2022 | Conferences

From left to right: Susie Wise and Courtney Starrett

It is all about our community. SIGGRAPH 2022 Community Engagement Chair Courtney Starrett (Texas A&M University) sits down with Author of “Design for Belonging” Susie Wise (Mira Fellowship) to discuss the Design for Belonging framework, how to reduce othering and how to build belonging within our community in this episode of SIGGRAPH Spotlight.

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About Our Guest

Dr. Susie Wise is a designer and educator with experience in the education, tech, and the social sectors. She coaches leaders in equity design and innovation practices. She teaches at the at Stanford and coaches with the Mira Fellowship. Previously she founded and directed the K12 Lab at the and co-created Liberatory Design.

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