2020: A Year in Stories

by | 31 December 2020 | ACM SIGGRAPH, Conferences

Barb (Rachel Bloom) in DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls World Tour,” directed by Walt Dohrn. // Photo Credit: DreamWorks Animation LLC

Also Known As, “The Top 10 Stories You (Our Readers) Checked Out This Year”

As we prepare for 2021 and positive vibes, especially for the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2021 and SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 conferences, our editors thought it would be good to reflect on 2020 — a year that brought a lot of change to our world, as well as a lot of innovation. Without further ado, here are the stories that top our “most read” list. If your 2021 resolution is to read more, start here!

1. What Does it Take to Put on a Virtual Conference? | Read Story

2. Extended Q&A: Procedural Approach to Animation-Driven Effects for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ | Read Story

3. Creating the Killer Content in ‘Mortal Kombat 11’ | Read Story

4. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 35 – Real-Time, Ray Tracing, and Realism | Listen Now

5. Participate in the Next SIGGRAPH Webinar: Machine Learning and Neural Networks | Read Story

6. Ray Tracing Will be Everywhere in 2020 | Read Story

7. Are Holographic 2D Images the Future of In-home AI? | Read Story

8. SIGGRAPH Spotlight: Episode 30 – Tim Sweeney and the Metaverse | Listen Now

9. Techno and Smooth Jazz and Hard Rock… Oh My! The Visuals of ‘Trolls World Tour’ | Read Story

10. Getting to Know Your SIGGRAPH 2021 Chair, Pol Jeremias-Vila | Read Story

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