Important Election for ACM SIGGRAPH

by | 14 June 2018 | ACM SIGGRAPH

Academia provides us the dreams and direction. Art provides the insight and creativity. Industry provides the requirements and goals.


This is an important election for the ACM SIGGRAPH membership, as it will contain not only a ballot of candidates for Treasurer and two Director At Large positions, but also a request for approval for major bylaw changes which will change the way leadership is overseeing the governance of the organization. Our Executive Committee (EC) direct the strategic planning which affects all levels of the organization, from Conferences to the Arts, and from Specialized Conferences to Chapters, Education, and all the standing committees. Your vote counts!

On June 15, members of ACM SIGGRAPH who are in good standing as of June 1, 2018 will be sent voting information in an email message or letter from Election Services Corporation (ESC). If ACM does not have an email address on file, members will receive voting information via postal mail. Members also have the option of requesting a paper ballot. If you have not received an email from ESC, please contact them at or toll-free at 1-866-720-4357.

Voting closes August 15! The newly elected directors will take office on September 1, 2018. For more information the duties of the elected positions within ACM SIGGRAPH, and the elections process, visit the elections page of our website.

The candidates for the Treasurer Position are:

The candidates for the Director At Large positions are:

The candidate’s position statements are also available.

Bylaw Changes:

  • All elected positions will be director positions
  • EC to appoint up to three voting members to its rank from core constituencies as needed
  • Elect the directors to specific position

The first major change is that all elected positions will be director positions and ACM SIGGRAPH’s officers will no longer be elected to specific positions through member elections. Every year, after the new EC takes office, it will select new officers from within the EC to serve one-year terms. The officers will be the Chair, Chair-Elect, Treasurer, and Treasurer-Elect. The Chair-Elect will become the Chair and the Treasurer-Elect will become the Treasurer after the next election.

The second major change is to allow the EC to appoint up to three voting members to its rank. This change will allow the EC to increase representation from core constituencies as needed, and to allow key volunteers — such as the Conference Advisory Group Chair — full participation on the EC to better reflect their role in the organization.

The third major change is to elect the directors to specific positions. For example, if three director positions are open in a given election, the voters would be presented with at least two candidates for position A, another two for position B, etc. This change will allow the nominating committee to achieve increased diversity in skillset, area of expertise, and geography.

The other minor changes to the bylaws are changing current titles, for example, renaming “President,” to the new title of “Chair”, and changes that bring us into compliance with ACM or current practice for SIGGRAPH (e.g., the timing of the election).

The ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee believes that, taken together, these changes will allow for a more agile SIGGRAPH organization, better able to focus and act on the strategic issues concerning the field of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Please see a copy of the proposed ACM SIGGRAPH Bylaws here.

Your ACM SIGGRAPH Organization has been busy this year.  We have been working on supporting our existing communities and members through the creation of new awards (including one for practitioners), a PACM for Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, a doctoral consortium, women’s mentoring network, and the addition of a standing chair for diversity and inclusion.  We have also been exploring emerging topics of interest to the SIGGRAPH community and are organizing workshops and talks at SIGGRAPH on Education, Smart Health, Simulation for Autonomous Driving, and Truth in Graphics.

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