Preview: SIGGRAPH 2016 First-time Exhibitors

by | 31 May 2016 | Augmented Reality, Business, Conferences, Hardware, Software, Virtual Reality

Exhibit at SIGGRAPH 2016

SIGGRAPH 2016 is excited to announce that this year’s Exhibition will be showcasing a large number of first-time exhibitors in 2016. Exhibitors are expected to showcase the latest in virtual reality (VR) and immersive technology, motion capture, rendering software, post-production, and more. With 60 percent of first-time exhibiting companies coming from outside the Unites States, SIGGRAPH 2016 will be the best place to see the hottest global offerings.

The Exhibition will be a centerpiece to the peak of interest in immersive technologies while at the same time still providing the best-of-the-best in animation and computer graphics. Click through the company names below to learn more about our first-time exhibitors.

Want to see who else will be exhibiting this year? Click here to check out the entire list of exhibiting companies. Check back often as the list is constantly growing! If you are interested in signing up your company or organization as an exhibitor this summer, email or view more information here.

All pass levels are currently available for the SIGGRAPH 2016 conference, including Exhibits and Exhibits Plus. Click here to register.

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