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Tips for Creating a Winning Poster at SIGGRAPH 2016

Seungbae Bang is the 2015  first place winner of the SIGGRAPH Student Research Competition and recently sat down with SIGGRAPH to tell his story on how he created a winning Poster.

SIGGRAPH 2016 (S2016): Tell us about yourself.
Seungbae Bang (SB): I am a Ph.D. student at Motion Computing Laboratory at KAIST in South Korea. I have been focusing my educational career on rigging and motion of a character, especially in the area of artist-friendly technique.

(S2016): What made you apply to SIGGRAPH Posters?
(SB): Early in 2015, my advisor, Professor Sung-Hee Lee, suggested that I submit a poster to SIGGRAPH. At first, I didn’t think much about the process and just thought it would be a good opportunity to present my work in front of a lot of people. If I was able to present my work at SIGGRAPH 2015, I knew this would open a lot of doors for me. At the conference, I was able to meet people that were interested in my work and I even had a good discussion with a company after the presentation and had the chance to tour their building.

(S2016): What did you like about the SIGGRAPH Posters Program?
(SB): I found the e-poster format* suitable for me because I already had nicely organized PowerPoint slides that came from my Master thesis. I appreciated how I was able to put out an iPad to show a demo video at my station,. I also had my laptop to show my actual demonstration. I think the use of technology helped a lot for my audience to understand the work I was presenting.

(S2016): Can you tell us more about the finalist presentation?
(SB): At the finalist presentation, I had to prepare a 10 minute presentation with PowerPoint. This was lucky for me, because I had a chance to present my work to the company Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) the day before I arrived at SIGGRAPH. So I was already prepared with a well-organized PowerPoint presentation. I practiced the oral presentation with my advisor the day before the presentation and felt that I was really prepared for the big presentation. I was elated that I won first place in the SIGGRAPH 2015 Student Research Competition.

(S2016): What other research achievements have you received recently?
(SB): I have presented at Pacific Graphics 2015, and from there my work has been published in Computer Graphics Forum. I also received ‘Best Student Paper’ at Pacific Graphics 2015. My work has been able to bring me good fortune and confidence, knowing that my work is meaningful to others. I am still working on the same subject from SIGGRAPH 2105 and Pacific Graphics 2015, I am now improving the technique with some new ideas. Luckily, I also got an invitation for a grand finale for the ACM Student Research Competition, which I will be competing with all other conference’s first place winners. So I am doing my best to improve my work!

* the e-poster format will not be used at SIGGRAPH 2016

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