Trailer Spotlight: Dailies at SIGGRAPH 2015

by | 9 July 2015 | Animation, Conferences, Production, Students, Visual Effects

The Making of Fruit People

Emilio Saenz - Treehouse Army

Image: The Making of Fruit People © 2015 Emilio Saenz, Treehouse Army

It’s a given that SIGGRAPH conferences celebrate excellence in computer graphics and interactive techniques. But SIGGRAPH is so much more. At its core, SIGGRAPH is about connections, intersections, and the gathering of curious, creative minds. This year’s conference in Los Angeles has so many options to nurture relationships with other professionals, including through the Dailies program.


Each year, the Dailies program features an evening of presentations showcasing images and short animations of extraordinary power and beauty. In a series of very short presentations by artists who tell the story behind the imagery they created, you’ll experience the vibrant production culture behind the finished art. Each artist has less than two minutes to share their work, creating a very fast-paced and exciting (and sometimes hilarious) event.

Featuring work from students and industry giants, you’ll be astounded by the sheer creativity on display. Take a look as SIGGRAPH Dailies Chair Juan Buhler shares some of the exceptional work you’ll see in the video below.


Bring your creative spirit and join us 9-13 August in Los Angeles for SIGGRAPH 2015. Registration is open.

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