Guest Blogger Guidelines

by | 18 November 2013 | ACM SIGGRAPH

ACM SIGGRAPH Blog Guest Author Guidelines

Given the broad expanse of topics and contributors, basic guidelines have been created for the ACM SIGGRAPH blog in order to channel a relevant and consistent experience for our communities.

Please refer to these guidelines as you create or edit blog posts.

The Basics:

  • Please submit your post in a word, text or HTML document. All submissions should be made to the ACM SIGGRAPH Content Manager at
  • Please provide a suggested title or headline that is catchy and is seven words or less
  • Posts should be between 300 and 1200 words. If your thoughts extends beyond 1200 words, please consider doing a series of posts on the subject
  • Posts should be original and any references to other work, research or copyrighted material should be properly cited
  • Because posts are truncated on the blog landing page, please try to ensure that your opening paragraph is impactful and distills the thought leadership contained within the full post
  • Please identify all hyperlinks within your post. All links must be useful and relevant. Irrelevant or excessive links or links that advertise will be removed. If you have a list of resource links, please include them at the end of your post
  • ACM SIGGRAPH editors reserve the right to edit posts and titles for length, grammar and spelling. Final edits will be sent to the author for approval prior to publication

In addition to the text for the post, authors should submit separately:

  • A one paragraph bio (150 words or less)
  • An editorial image (850 x 480 in jpg format) or video to accompany the post. ACM SIGGRAPH will operate under the assumption that the author has sufficient rights to include any and all images or videos in every post submitted for consideration (please make sure you have permission to use the images and/or videos)
  • A headshot (250 x 250 in jpg format) or an author image that can be cropped square

A note about the ACM SIGGRAPH voice and subject matter

The ACM SIGGRAPH community is knowledgeable, curious, creative and investigative. Your posts should engage readers by bringing some, or all, of these qualities to life!

Blog content should be focused on one or more of our core areas: SIGGRAPH Conferences, Digital Art, Computer Animation, Games, Interactive Technique, Making, Programming and Scripting, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Business Trends, Film, Graphics, Design, Emerging Technology, Visual Effects, Mobile Technology, Research, Science, Technology, Education/Career

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