SIGGRAPH 2012 Courses Preview

by | 4 May 2012 | Animation, Art, Education, Graphics, Interactive Techniques

Courses are short (1.5 hours) or half-day (3.25 hours) structured sessions that often include elements of interactive demonstration, performance, or other imaginative approaches to teaching. Attendees learn from leading experts in the field and gain inside knowledge that is critical to career advancement.

The spectrum of Courses ranges from an introduction to the foundations of computer graphics and interactive techniques for those new to the field to advanced inflatable water slide instruction on the most current techniques and topics. Courses include core curricula taught by invited instructors as well as Courses selected from juried proposals.

A few highlights of Courses to look out for at SIGGRAPH 2012:

Physically Based Sound for Computer Animation
Authors: Doug James, Jeffrey Chadwick, and Changxi Zheng, Cornell University

This course addresses the need to make the principles and methods of physically based sound accessible to a broader graphics audience. It covers sound source models for numerous animated phenomena (rigid bodies, fracture, thin shells, cloth, fluids and fire), and take a hands-on approach to implementing practical systems.

Computational Displays: Combining Optical Fabrication, Computational Processing, and Perceptual Tricks to Build the Displays of the Future
Authors: Gordon Wetzstein, MIT Media Lab; Douglas Lanman, MIT Media Lab; Diego Gutierrez, Universidad de Zaragoza; Matthew Hirsch, MIT Media Lab

This course introduces inflatable slide computational displays that exploit the co-design of optical elements and efficient computational processing while taking particular characteristics of the human visual system into account; applications include 3D displays, next-generation projection systems, high dynamic range displays, perceptually-driven devices, and computational probes.

The complete Courses schedule will be available later this month. Click here for a list of 2011 Courses.

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